Alpha's Ferocious Luna
Artemis Nighthall

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Yua Masterson is the best bounty hunter in the supernatural community and her job is to maintain the balance between the light and the darkness. However she falls in a problem whenshe has a one night standb with a sexy werewolf Alpha named Adonis who is also trying to take away her grandmother's home. But Yua is not going to give up that easily and she finds out that she is pregnant and also not human when she is bitten by a werewolf. Adonis saves her in the nick of the time and tries to claim her again but she refuses. Yua comes to know that she is supposed to be the Guardian of Underworld because she is a fox shifter, also known as kitsune, a fox with nine tails. Things get dangerous and murky and romance heats up as well between Yua and Adonis when they know that they have to go to hell to fight the demons and end it for once and all.
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