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Mr Stone, My CEO
Abigail Rose

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Rosie Woods is a shy university student who has major self-esteem issues. She doesn’t even have the confidence to secure a boyfriend. Then she starts her internship at one of the best marketing companies in London. The CEO Ezra Stone takes a special interest in Rosie. He promises to build up her confidence. She agrees, but soon finds out his methods are more intimate than she anticipated.
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Diyon Carlisle
This book is amazing! I read it from beging to end, and while I'm a little dissapointed that Ms. Woods' dream of getting married and haveibg children didn't come to fruition, I still enjoed this book regardless.
2021-11-28 05:17:49 1
This was a great story. At the beginning I didn't like it but I usually keep reading because you never it could get better and it did. Ms Woods had to do what she believed what right. And Mr. Stone got favor because of her best friend. So he better thank anyone and everyone to have her back. Congrats to the Author, cause I can be hard to please.
2021-07-28 04:36:08 7