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Strange Addiction
Joe Sakura

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Kura is one of the directors of Runner Studios. Everyone knew her to be talented and skillful of her work. The downside was she was judged on how she looks. With platinum blonde hair, pale skin adorned with intricate tattoos and a knack for not following rules. Nile is the CEO of Veselov Industries, one of the most handsome billionaire bachelor. He's conventional, rude and has a cold personality which makes other people fear him. Kura and Nile have the most opposite of personalities. When Quinn, Kura's friend and business partner, requested for her to meet the overbearing CEO, the two immediately clashed and hated each other. While Nile continued to judge the woman, Kura was busy trying to irk him and find ways to show him she was more than capable of her job. One intimate night changed between the two of them. Find out how the two clash and form an unexpected relationship in their story!
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