Traitor to the Alpha (The Beginning)
Eliza Rowen

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Author's Note: This is part one of the story and ends on a Happy For Now. At this time, the rest of the story is on hiatus. Aurora I am the princess in the tower, the Alpha's daughter. Locked away by my father, Oliver Crane. Today is my eighteen birthday. My father has a party planned that isn't about me. It's about his power, wealth and will include guests from our rival pack, the Hawthornes. Little did I know this was my wedding day, I was marrying a monster, and I would find my saving grace, my Mate, my Shadow, on the run. Sawyer I'm the second son: the beta, the nobody of the Hawthorne family pack. I've lied, cheated, killed, and now stolen. I've been Aurora Crane's shadow for years. She is beautiful, innocent, and I'm in love with her. For her birthday, she has no idea what is in store. Her father has sold her to mine. She's marrying my brother. He's evil. But no one cares how he breaks women because he's the next Alpha. He will destroy her. I can't let that happen, no matter what the Alpha commands. *Warning: Mature Sexual Content, Violence, and Attempted Sexual Assault*
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