I Love You, Zosh

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There was a popular book entitled ‘I Love You, Zosh’ that is popular among young and adults. People go crazy reading this book and it is always sold out in a bookstore where HOPE DAMIAN works part time. Although she’s a part time book seller, she hates reading fictional stories. She believes that reading fiction is just a escaping way from reality and it won’t be help in her studies as a med student. One night during the total lunar eclipse and after meeting with his ex-boyfriend. She read the book she once hated to read and a miraculous thing happened. She woke up in a different world... a fictional world. But worst part is that she became the heroin of the story. She was called Thyreen Ezekiel, the woman loved by Crown Prince Zosh Fordham. Will she be able to go back from her world? Or she will live forever inside that fictional world? Will she fall in love with the male character? Or will she love someone else like what the real female character did? Then, what will happen to the male character? Will the story ends as what the author tends? Or the other way around?
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Hana Lulu
I love reading this story 💓 I couldn't put it down.
2021-11-13 01:50:06 3
Zosh...❤ I love this book. It holds a great sense of realistic romance. Love it. Well done, writer!
2021-09-23 14:45:29 3
Death Reads
I love reading this story, it's far unique from others. I wish POPINK will promote this story and of course I hope the author could continue on writing. Keep bleeding, Ms. Author!
2021-09-20 15:22:14 4
Kitkat Cutia
wahhh gonna support this book! interesting :) keep writing author:)
2021-09-18 11:13:32 4
Miss Jose
the book is my heart. It is in my library.
2021-09-14 13:04:05 4
Miss Jose
HELLO,THEY BOOK IS VERY INTERRESTING ,CAUSE IT HAS A PART OF REALITY . I don't like it but i love it. Thank you my writer.
2021-09-14 13:03:01 4