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Surprise Wedding
Athena Dwein

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Ivanna graduated in Harvard with the course about businesses, her parents wanted her to exactly cope about their business. She was having a party in Harvard with her best friend when her parents called her in the middle of the night that she badly needs to go home. She asked her parents the reason why, they didn’t tell her. Early in the morning, she packed up her things and her best friend Ivy Simmons also help her. She took an early flight; she was so nervous what’s the reason behind. She had arrived in London after few hours, her parents sent her their driver to fetch her up. Upon arriving at their home after how many minutes, she was shocked to see people inside their house. There she met Ashford, her future husband. She was so surprised, and her parents tried to explain at her. Ashford doesn’t want to marry her also but it was just their parents’ agreement.
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