Big girls don't cry (Guardians of Red Moon city #1)
Linnea Heikka

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"What the hell do you think you're doing?" I hear someone scream when I get dragged along the asphalt. "She has to learn to behave," my alpha screams back. "An alpha is supposed to protect the pack, not abuse them!" His grip around my throat weakens, and I take the opportunity to bite his arm with my human teeth hard. "Ahh! Let me go, you filthy creature!" He punches me over and over again. I feel my head throbbing and blood pouring out on the ground, tears trailing down my cheeks while I slowly feel myself dying. "BIG GIRLS DON'T CRY!" After that, everything goes dark... In this story, we'll follow Aleida through betrayal, abuse, and slave job to be on the top in the city. She's been looking for her mate since her 11th birthday and gave up hope many years ago. Will her fate change, or is she doomed from the beginning? Guardians of Red Moon city; 1. Big girls don't cry. 2. I will be back. 3. I'm coming for you. 4. Loving the leech.
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Amanda Gregory
Omg!! I’m just to where she learns she has 2 older brothers. I have been in tears off and on the whole time!! 💕💕💕
2022-09-13 15:54:23 0
What Aleida suffers rips my heart! Though much as I want her to fight back, she cant. She needs to hide her light under a bushel. This is the best heronine I have ever seen!!!!
2021-07-20 08:33:01 2
Linnea Heikka
Please let me know your thoughts. I love to interact with my readers! Thank you for reading❤
2021-07-19 04:34:38 1