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Seducing Billionaire Playboy

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Ryder, Alex and Logan, three hot , handsome, most desirable billionaires. They were popular as playboys and got what they wanted. Bella and Ryder were childhood friends as their parents were friends forever. Ryder was a one and done type and never believed in a serious relationship. . They both felt an undeniable attraction between them. One night of passion and their relationship changed. Will they confess their feelings or fake it as friends with benefits? Alex was forced into a contract marriage by his father to make a business deal. He didn't like his bride because this marriage was against his will. But he found her extremely attractive after seeing her for the first time. She found out his truth and was ready to leave him being pregnant with his baby. Will he take off his guards and accept his feelings for her? Logan met a hot girl but she rejected him instantly. Never rejected by a girl, he pledged to make her his own by hook or by crook. Will he be going to play fair? Find out in the story with lots of BDSM scenes which will make you feel the heat.
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Tina 3425
Beautiful story ❤️ Loving it so far.... Three hot Billionaires and their love interest. I am so eager to find out how they fall in love.
2021-10-12 17:05:51 1
Wow😍 it's so hot 🔥 . I want more updates. please author.
2021-10-12 17:00:49 1
Interesting read. loving this book so far. looking forward for more updates.
2021-10-12 16:59:06 1