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XARA: His beautiful unwanted Bride

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Xara Wilson, a 25-year-old struggling student is forced to marry a ruthless billionaire to save her family from poverty and their struggling business from collapsing. Her elder sister was the one to marry Kai Maximilian, but she eloped with her college sweetheart and Xara had no other choice to marry the rich, pompous, jerk. Kai Maximilian, the greatest jerk that ever lived on the face of the earth and a chronic womanizer as well was not pleased by the news of him marrying a peasant before he could take over Wilson's firm. The deal had already been signed, so both Xara and Kai have no choice than to do their parent's bidding. How is Xara, a shy, quiet girl going to survive this marriage? Would she run away and never come back like her sister did ? OR She's going to rebuild her self-esteem and come back stronger to fight for her man and her marriage? Join her on her quest to fight for love and her marriage.
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