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The Prince Vampire's Slave

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Jesmyn’s initial arrival to Arraspel to hunt down vampires had to fail because she came at the wrong time. The rebellion that occurred in Arraspel caused Jesmyn cannot leave the country and be trapped with the people of Arraspel for fifty years. Despite being careful, an incident that threatens the lives of her family makes Jesmyn have to sacrifice being the slave of a vampire prince, Adrien. Incident after incident makes Jesmyn and Adrien’s secret slowly revealed. While they were born of different races, they could not prevent the feelings that grew in their hearts. Especially after Adrien had to drink Jesmyn’s blood and left them both entangled in a bond that was both intoxicating… and dangerous. Can they unite with vastly different statuses, and in a country where humans and vampires hate each other?
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forbidden love
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