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Lisa might be sometimes called the unlucky girl, she lived in a city where she was hated by many and was accused of being a witch and a bad omen because of her extraordinary beauty, but it's so real that she is the epitome of beauty. She is just a poor girl who is also a victim of circumstances, coincidence meets with her where she was also tagged as a bad luck. she never knew who her mom is, or having an ideal of who could be her dad and was yet to fine them Lisa lived with an old poor widow, madam Alice who is also childless, she has known madam Alice as her Mom until she was tired of being called a bastard child. One day when she was attacked by some notorious gangs, her foster mom was killed, and minutes later the people in the community came in to accuse her of killing her foster mother, but she ran for her life She was saved by a prince charming, Mr Adrian who is a CEO to LDA company They fell in love but Vanessa, Adrian's best who was in love with Adrian without his knowledge never wanted anyone else apart from herself for Adrian Conflicts set in when Vanessa made sure she throws Lisa out of the mansion so she could have Adrian to herself Find out in the chapters what happened between Adrian and Lisa as he fought back to get his love.
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Paula Sucre Agbo
a very interesting story, I can't even get over it, I hope Vanessa will pay for all her evil deeds, I can't wait to finish this book
2021-09-23 00:03:51 1