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For a contract worth millions,Gianna McKenna became a surrogate to the States most wealthy family,Alexandre ‘Andres’ De Marco was the States demi god,the heir and chief executive of an empire while she was a middle class born. With father’s business falling into crisis, she was forced by her adoptive mother and her sister into surrogacy. Having spend one night with the States demi god,she was confirmed pregnant and the ultra scan showed a set of male twins. Giving birth to her sons,the older was healthier while the younger one wasn’t breathing,the older son was taken to his father while the younger was saved by a miracle, she took the boy and with her father’s help,they erased every data concerning her saved son. She was rewarded with a huge monetary sum and then she disappeared with her son. Eight year later,he was still the cold and high profile president of his company,but when he came in contact with her again by sheer luck,he was eager not to let her
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Priscilla Yiadom
the story is very good and interesting to read. The love between young woman and Richman seems or not.
2021-08-28 12:11:49 2