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Taming The Wild Girl
Kapula Mangenda

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Have you ever felt like you're being sold to the highest bidder? Sage Miller is not your type of average girl you'd meet next door. She's untamed,sassy, wild at heart and dangerous. When her Father's company goes bankrupt and he is unable to pay back the debt he owns. Sage has no choice but to marry the ruthless russian billionaire called Alexander Chernoff (Black) at the age of 18. Alex is known for his affairs and reputation will Sage ever survive this marriage? "Just give me six months to pay back the loan. I need more time," Andrew pleaded. " I have a wife and family to take care of please have mercy on us." "Then give me what's precious to you" Alex muttered coldly. Andrew knew what he meant and he was horrified. " I want your daughter." To save her family from poverty Sage agreed to marry the dominating russian CEO. His lips trailed up wards tasting her sweetness a growel escaped from deep within. "You're mine Koshecka..."
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