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Orphan Alpha
H. Linton

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Hannah has spent the last ten years in an orphanage, ever since the night her entire pack was murdered. The daughter of Alpha's, she has been a rogue since that fateful night. Her life is turned upside down once again when she meets her mate. Her joy at his acceptance of her as his mate, even with he rogue status is short lived as a previously unknown threat makes itself known, revealing Hannah's true heritage in the process. Will she rise to the challenge and claim her rightful place on the Were-throne, or will the enemy of her parents succeed in eliminating the last wolf in their way for taking the throne?
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Rose 72
Good read! But I cried and hoped for a different endings but contend with the way it ended.
2022-01-10 06:26:35 0
Robin Karry
That was great!! I have read ALOT of wolfie shifter books and they all lack something in certain areas. this book had it all and a rollercoaster of emotions to go with it.. I REALLY hope this is the first book in a series, I would love to know how it progresses l...very well done 😁
2021-09-18 17:26:21 7
Fatima Williams
I just start reading it so far it is good and i love it
2021-09-17 18:52:27 3
Chelsea F
When I tell yall I CRIED. 😭 Big ugly tears. It was a really good book. I did find myself cursing the author a few times because my heart broke and then broke again. The ending was beautiful but tears still flowed.
2021-08-13 06:50:00 15
What a great work!Really enjoy the reading with this book.
2021-07-20 07:35:48 12
Great story! even incorporated other super naturals,hard to stop reading, loved it!
2021-07-20 07:28:58 17
This comment has been blocked
2021-07-20 02:31:02 0
Great story though. Would def hate to be her though. Her life sucked. The ending definitely stirred my emotions.
2021-07-19 05:04:04 9