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My Heart Stealer
Aarti Shankar

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Her moan was enough to encourage me to go further. I placed a kiss on her neck and sucked that part leaving a hickey. I did the same on her collarbone. The tension between us is growing. I sucked the nap of her neck.I was enjoying this moment along with her when i heard her. " Adhi " She mound but it was loud enough I could hear. " What ." Words left from my mouth in disbelief. I stopped whatever I was doing to her and sat on the couch " What happened ? " She asked me to place her hands on my shoulder. i jerked her hands away Hell, my wife is moaning another man's name while I'm making out with her. " Priya, who's Adhi ? " I asked, still closing my eyes.I heard her gasp. But yet she didn't reply. damn ! i'm Arjun, her husband. yet she us moaning another man's name instead of mine. who the hell is he ? as much as i remember, she never mentioned about any Adhi till now, then how ? and why ?
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Dusky Princess
such a intresting book. can't stop reading it. loved it.
2021-09-01 05:59:18 2