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A Very Sticky Situation
Freshy Gore

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Ana is left confused as her eyes observe the test result handed to her by the doctor stating, she is carrying a child. Will Ike accept the baby as his? Ana Ogechi Alex, one of the best writers in Nigeria and manager of a pharmaceutical company is a woman that gets thrown into a very sticky situation when she finds out she is pregnant. Worse still, the man she has possibly fallen in love with, Daniel Ike Okwu, turns out to be a Senator's son and the mystery fiance of her ex-bestfriend and wedding vow client, Emily Ije, the daughter of t`he state governor. Ana is hurt after she realizes she has been having an affair all this time. Leaving the question of if Ike will accept the child when she discovers she is pregnant three days to his wedding! Ana is stuck in a pit of uncertainty. Will Ike accept the child or will he abandon her again like he did before? Will her family be with her or against her? And if this gets out, what will happen to her career and reputation?
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love affair
painful love
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Priscilla Yiadom
This story is very good. well done. I love the description of the characters and paragraphs.
2021-08-16 14:49:25 2
Freshy Gore
This story is so amazing that I'm loving it so far❤️
2021-08-09 21:58:20 3