How To Kill Tristan Berthram?

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A special Thanksgiving day celebration turned out to be chaotic and destructive when Angelucci and her sisters have no choice but to act as they realise their youngest sibling got into a coma, caused by a terrible bombing incident in a hotel. A news report led to an actor who was suspected to be involved with the same incident that cost Angelucci and her sisters' revenge. The sisters become involved in a situation which they might regret in the end; tampering with the detective's plans, getting undercover from being a nightclub dancer, an office secretary, and a housemaid to a fake lover with a plan to deceive and lure the possible suspects, in order to resolve the crime from the inside. Will they achieve the justice and retribution they desire or will they be brought along in the turn of events that they may encounter while investigating?
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Diamond Nareé
great story! I'm loving it so far, it's really interesting and I love your style of writing. ❤
2021-12-18 03:16:18 1
This is really a great book. Recommend to everyone. Just added but hooked after reading the first chapter!
2021-09-16 06:05:43 4
Allie Garboczi
This is a riveting novel of love, loss, revenge, and potency! I'm hooked! Everybody who loves strong women and prose that packs a punch: this is a must!
2021-09-01 05:40:20 5
Anonymous Critic
how come this book still not top 1? been reading this for a while now.
2021-08-27 12:05:45 6
Goodness, Aya! How could you do that to your brother? Whatttt???
2021-08-18 02:23:51 4
I always love to see female empowerment novel cuz it is an honour for myself to see a woman who could do what a man like me could. Kudos! For anyone who will pass or encounter this book, if you don't read it you're missin an awesome badass story. This is a must read and my Top 1 Why Women Kill read. 💪🏻
2021-08-05 04:08:24 5
I believe tristan He did not kill the sister I think the detective was just angry at tristan I dont know 😆 Next chapter pls
2021-08-05 03:46:11 5
Anonymous Critic
saw this book from the why women kill section and got attracted to the cover. i thought this book was like the other uninteresting stories full of bed scenes but no. this book is unique. it has a story to tell and i love it. i hope you win the contest ❤👊🏻
2021-08-05 03:26:04 6
This book tells a lot of different life situations. A good choice to read if you are looking for action-packed romance. Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
2021-08-05 03:13:49 5
Aria Dean
Hello! This is the author of HOW TO KILL TRISTAN BERTHRAM. I hope you like my book. Add to your library so that you can receive notification for a new chapter update ❤
2021-07-19 05:47:18 6