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The Exiled Wolf Huntress
Angie Wolf

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Aura Argenti had reluctantly become an elite wolf huntress at a young age to protect her clan from being hunted by other races that hate shifters like her entire clan. Since Aura became a wolf huntress, she was granted a magical ring that lets her appear human on her missions. She encounters a human hunter during one of her missions to protect her hidden clan. Her attraction toward the human is forbidden, and her Alpha takes it upon himself to help her move on at every turn. Her secrets are discovered as war breaks out for her clan, and she must make sacrifices to help all those she cares for. Aura returns home after the first battle of the war, and the Elders' Council realizes Aura's attraction to the human and decides to force Aura to make a choice between the human she is falling for or doing what is best for her clan. When Aura returns to face the human she has fallen for, will he accept her for what she truly is? Will Aura be able to protect those she loves in the end?
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