Sugar Baby
Lovelivelust/ Cassandra Davy

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Lori was a socialite, she lived a life of luxury until her parents got a divorce and she was forced to live on her own. She struggled with financing her education and trying hard to maintain her high standard of living. She finally gave up when her best friends treated her like she has the plague and cut her off, then her boyfriend was forced to end things with her when his parents didn't want him to be associated with Lori because of her family's scandal. And that's when she decided to take the offer to be a sugar baby, thinking she'll treat it as a summer job and end it as soon as she's back on her feet again. ********** James never needed a girlfriend. He's a workaholic. He likes the arrangement of a sugar baby where he can pay a sum of money for a companion of a young attractive woman. His friend suggested the idea. With the last sugar baby being too attached to him. It's time for him to find another one. A less demanding one. His eyes locked into the beautiful fragile young woman with an attitude to match. Her fiery yet nervous attitude was refreshing for him, and he wanted her for himself. Will he gets what he paid for? Will she get back on her feet? ********** *Warning! R-Rated for 18+ due to strong, explicit language and sexual content*.
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