Chasing You One More Time
Anna Shannel Lin

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She gave her love, compassion, and trust to the only man she loved- the current crown prince of Alovale- Jerome Collins. An evil scheme made by his family pushed Chantelle into the deep abyss, and her entire dream to become a successful surgeon shattered. Years later, she returned with her plan to kill them all. She became a strong woman and bewitched everyone that stared at her enchanting beauty. Her revenge turned chaotic when the crown prince forced her into a flash marriage. Chantelle raised a faint smile, “Your Highness when I loved you, my happiness came from all the little things I loved about you! But when I lost you and no longer loved you, I had to search for happiness elsewhere!” Jerome froze, a bitter chill eating into his heart. He suddenly felt unprecedented fear as if waves of destruction were about to swallow him up at any moment and push him into eternal hell! He can conclude that the woman he once loved has changed. Jerome looked at her with sorrowful eyes, then, after a long silence, asked, “Have you really stopped loving me?” “My love for you died a long time ago …” Chantelle started but suddenly interrupted as Jerome reached out and took her in his arms, pressing his cold lips to hers. “You will forever be mine!” His arrogant voice came in, “Your body is more than honest than your words,” A mocking smile broke at her lips, “Don’t ever close your eyes or lower your guard down because I swear, the next moment might you end up like a lifeless prince killed by his wife!”
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hub g byWill there be a Scott and Vivian novel??? Scottcannff I⁸I can happen in many ways and sixteen years didn't mean a thing.
2022-04-30 07:26:25 0
Romana's life is really interesting. I kept wanting to comment, but I'll read the next chapters, then it's not just Romana. Wow
2022-03-29 08:41:58 0
This was a pass This was passionate, and it brought tears. I feel so bad for Charlie; he really ❤️ loves Evie. Now that she's alive, will she go back to him or let him come to her? I'm also excited about Chanelle and the kids.
2022-03-06 03:24:25 1
Chantelle is a mad ass woman!!! I couldn't stop to comment on the last few chapters. I hope Jerome, personally, doesn't run into Tony or Preston; the end won't be nice. You know me, we can lose Mom! 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
2022-02-08 01:12:14 1
i have started reading this, and the mysteries abt Chantelle's life are all laid out. I will be reading for more ☺️
2021-12-30 13:51:34 1
I'm totally at a lost. Did Jerome die? And did she die or ????? When I read how she was describing her 'feelings'? or dying words? The last two or four paragraphs has me confused. I know it's not the end or am I wrong?
2021-12-30 06:16:09 0
Beautiful chapter!🥰🥰🥰 Now that's what I call love. 💝💖💞 I hope this will help her. And she was right killing both of family will hurt him.
2021-12-09 04:30:44 0
I'm crying my eyes out!!! Terry? Never in my lasts dreams that I would have thought of him. But that witch was included in it too, I wouldn't be surprised she brainwashed, now it's hitting her harder than ever. Quilt has rode him to the point of death. Now that Jerome is on his way have mercy on them.
2021-12-07 05:50:20 1
Is it really over? 😥😢😭 I was waiting to see if she really have the twins and die. Did she survive? Did Jerome help his father-in-law, I doubt it. Did Helen finally die? What happened to Audrey and Terry. So many questions.
2021-11-29 06:07:20 3
Well I guess that saga is over. What is that, karma or you reap what you sow? I don't remember what happened to Phillips leg or I don't know about?
2021-11-20 05:16:57 0
I didn't think would find the person of that nut house. Jerome IS ruthless, now he knows others were involved my question is was involved.????
2021-11-17 06:32:25 1
Santi Blair
I'm dying to know the truth three years ago. Who really is the culprit behind Chantelle's suffering.
2021-11-17 02:20:26 0
Jerome is so good to Chantelle, adjusting himself to be with her as much as he can. Then we have Terry speaking so beautifully. I'm still drying my eyes.. As we know he loves ❤ Chantelle deeply. But what he said was so deeply that would make your heart burst with love, his heart has to be strong to have this in his heart for such a long time. Chantelle knows he confessing to her or does she.
2021-11-16 03:50:33 2
These two chapters were very sweet. The young man made a choice because of her and she was honored. Then Jerome acted like a child because he creel the babies move. But Chantelle made it happen for him. With this I'm hoping their relationship and marriage is starting to mend. For at least for Chantelle. Good thoughts author.
2021-11-09 03:22:45 1
OK what's going on with Jerome, no nooky?! 😆😅🤣😂 How long is she going to be four months? 🙃🙂
2021-11-05 02:05:53 1
As I was reading the last chapter I went oh no it can't end like this!!! Then I thought about the author, she wouldn't do that 😊😊. But by her being in a coma, is going to keep alive for 5 months. Nay it's a leaving their brains hanging. 🙄🙄🙄
2021-11-02 07:17:27 1
What is wrong Jerome?!?! Has he lost his mind, having someone shoot to make Chantelle do surgery! I agree with Romana. I'm starting to think everybody is all or a few or all of these: crazy, lair, phsyco (Helen), mentally derived, no common sense and/or just don't care! She going to flip out when she finds out what he did. She's already half way to the moon. To me she doesn't want to get better!!!!!
2021-10-26 03:56:55 0
Santi Blair
Hey author please update, update, update, I want to know what happen next
2021-10-26 00:06:59 1
Santi Blair
Another nerve-wracking emotions, I can't get enough of this novel. There are lots of mysteries coming in every single update. Author, you surely made my mind blown!
2021-10-23 15:32:34 1
Santi Blair
Is Chantelle gonna find the truth? ugh this cliffhanger chapters. Will she kill her own husband?
2021-10-13 20:17:14 1