Shadow's turnt to light
Karenann gray

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About a girl raised by her brother and abused by the alpha heir an her brother, leading a life in the shadow's of her pack, perceived as awkward and shy the pack remain unaware of the pain and horror her life became, the alpha heir publically rejects her and has her thrown in a cell. Almost giving up as she feels her mate with another she-wolf who he marks as his Luna, the pain unbearable alerts the guards to her presence they call the Luna and alpha who have the guest alpha come with them horror stricken at the sight of little izzy and further suprised of what is going on stunned at their sons cruelty, the guest alpha further stund as when the little she-wolf accepts her rejection he scents her as his mate will he be able to save her from giving up and show her that he will cherish her and gain her trust or is it too little too late.............
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