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The King Who Won't Marry
Ahn Onimus

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Marriage is the most crucial tradition in the kingdom of Sorah, to preserve the kings' noble blood and mighty lineage. It is a must, and it is unbreakable. But enter King Aspen. A young ruler, perfect in every way, brilliant in almost everything except in one- following the most important tradition of marriage. Running from his own bethrotal, he met the extremely intelligent farm girl, Isabelle Almere, and felt an instant attraction. Concealing his identity, he befriended her, without knowing that she swore an oath to stay away from royals. But when tragedy strikes Sorah, Aspen is left with no choice but to secretly bring Isabelle into his world, and use her wits to save the kingdom. But by doing so, both of them will face even bigger challenges- hidden enemies, dangerous pasts, an impending invasion, stubborn traditions... and falling in love for the first time. Will they be able to stay together despite everything? Or will these challenges get the best of them? Follow their journey, along with Sorah's most mischievous prince and hot-headed female captain, as they venture the world of deadly mysteries, adventure, duty and love. Book 1 (Chapters 1-75) Book 2 (Chapters 77-117) Book 3 (119-212)
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true love
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Ahn Onimus
Hello everyone! I'm Ahn, the author of this book. I hope you guys will love it. It's mix of adventure and romance. It's a bit long because it's composed of two books/parts, but I hope you'll find it worth the read❤
2021-10-16 15:40:09 0
Genuinely one of the best written stories I’ve read. And I love the alternative points of view and how we get a look at not just Aspen + Belle’s relationship but Scar + Daniel’s too. Literally this book has changed the trajectory of my life
2021-09-30 21:25:15 3