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Leal Merak was a hunter. Her parents were killed when she was five years old only. Her only aim was to revenge her parents' death, kill the werewolves who killed her parents and made her an orphan. Conri Bleddyn was the Alpha of the North Pack, one of the four packs of the forest in the town Regaid. He wanted to kill Leal, thinking of her as a potential threat to his pack. But what will happen when he found out that she was his mate, the mate he was looking for for a very long time? *** Warning: Mature Content
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Toni Fashbaugh
can y'all tell me more about it please!!!??? I am very exited
2022-04-21 01:58:30 1
Hey It’s me
I love the way you describe the scenes, especially their first kiss scene! I am a fan🤩🤩🤩
2021-09-01 05:39:53 7
Miss Americana
I am hooked up with their romance!!!😍😍😍 I love the way they chat most importantly. It's so casual and comfortabe
2021-08-24 05:19:23 11
Lucky Charm
I love the fact that they did not fall in love with each other right away, but felt a connection towards each other. I like where it’s going. Keep it up!
2021-08-18 13:04:30 14