The Wolf Who Saved Me

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Warning: Mature Content not suitable for all ages. Excerpt: “You are beautiful when you smile. You should smile more often,” Reule said. It made me blush, and I got embarrassed. It had never happened to me. I have hated men on my previous pack because of the way they treat me. But Reule is changing something inside me. “What will you do now? For sure, Conri won’t stop looking for me.” “Let him look for you. Let’s see if he can take you away from me.” “What do you mean? Will you be protecting me for all your life?” “If you would allow me to do that, I will.” “But why would you do such a trouble?” “I am a straightforward and honest man. So, I think I like you. I wanted you to be my mate. But I will not force you if you don’t like it. I will only ask for you to repay me for saving you and protecting you.” My eyes widened. I started to feel uneasy. I feel like the man in front of me will change and begin to show his true colors. “How can I repay you?” I mumbled. Reule smile looks like he was a demon about to collect his payment. At that moment, I began to question which was worse, him or Conri. “I cannot help it. I am a man with needs like Conri. So, I would like to have a night with you, just to taste you.” I wanted to scream and run. What have I gone into?
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