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Transmigration: Becoming A Legendary Space Warrior
Anna Shannel Lin

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A woman’s beauty is a man’s weakness. She was his great temptation, yet he hated her weak appearance. A dashing military general rushed in front of her, shaking her frail body when he ordered, “KILL HER!” Her frantic reaction is to trade her own body to survive. She must survive to return to her own world. But what she didn’t expect was the tough training to become the youngest space warrior. Her life journey began when she woke up on an unknown planet. Facing danger and trouble. She trades her body and freedom to survive. She felt abused. She learned to hate him. The unknown planet became her prison. Two desperate souls fighting to survive. One is fighting to feel loved. The other is fighting for freedom. Passion Anger Lust Danger Devotion For them, their love is worth suffering! Would she survive days and nights on the battlefield when her frail body dragged her gradually? What secret lies behind his dangerous appearance?
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So far, I've been surprised but had no clue it was going in this direction. 😳 Now, I want to know which or what Zach is going to do. I thought this sci-fi wasn't going to interest me. I should have known you wrote it!!!!! Don't wait too long for the updates, my mind hasn't stop yet-
2022-02-08 01:04:54 2
I just finished the first 21 chapters. This story kept my curiosity to its peak! Again, I'm counting down, waiting for the next release of one of your stories. ☺️ Can't want to read what happens next!!!
2022-01-30 07:25:17 2
Santi Blair
Reading up to chapter 18 gave me goosebumps and the scenes was well-written. Release more please 🥺
2022-01-17 20:10:19 1
Efren Cresencio
I found the story very intriguing. It enables my curiosity onward as the title wants me to read it. and also the synopsis caught my attention. Upon reading it like I am on the dry land thirsty for the next chapters. I found it good and I felt that the author has complex ideas to build this. I can say there are stories similar to this but not exactly similar because it is still carry it's uniqueness. Imagine how can be a story of sci-fi be bound with love story? I know there are few authors but not all can do it like this. I already have in my mind the twists od the story. It intrigued me what will going to happen next. I feel that this story has a great potential.. Before I posted this comment I make sure to read at least the initial 10 chapters so I can come up to my mind what will I going to comment if it is good or just fine. Anyway the chapters makes me to read it more. So i have to sleep right now and come back tomorrow. 😍
2022-01-16 19:09:21 2
Anna Shannel Lin
Your author here, Leave a review or comment on this novel. I will try my best to answer any question related to this story. Rest assured, I prepared something big and nerve-wracking twists.
2022-01-12 07:06:06 2