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Running Into Wolves
Y. H. Min

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When Alisa Monroe reports to Elite Academy, the last thing she expects is to be thrown into the world of werewolves. She's thrilled to find out her new boyfriend, Qhuinn Harden, goes to Elite Academy too. But her joy is short-lived when she realises he's mysterious and secretive.  Unknown to her, Qhuinn is the next Alpha of a werewolf pack, and he has no business falling for a human girl.  Before Qhuinn can solve the mystery around him, Alisa is turned into a werewolf by Ashton Martins, his rival. Who will win her heart? Her first love, Qhuinn, or the guy who turned her and saved her life, Ashton? One thing is clear—Qhuinn is going to have a hard time contending with the bond formed between Alisa and Ashton when he turned her. Throw in pack politics and a bunch of werewolf teenagers who're having trouble living by the traditions, and you get a highschool story with neverending drama.
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