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Lucas Ozera isn't your normal teen. He is a member of the ancient vampire race, the Moroi and unlike several morois, his family are among the Moroi Secret Society that make up for royalty. With him being the only one left in his family after their tragic death, he's next in line for the royal seat. Not feeling safe enough in the Elite Academy, the school he'd spent almost all his life, learning all he needs to know about being a Moroi and leading his race, Lucas fled to the human world to live as a normal human being, with no responsibilities, no obligations and no entitlement. Unless, he's far from your normal human being as he got caught after six months of hiding in the human world and he was brought back to the academy, where he's believed to be safe. With a new Dhampir guardian, Danila Kirova, a witty, smart mouth, exquisite, strong and bad ass teenager who was assigned to him by the Gaurdian Council, Lucas knew for once his life have gotten a lot much worst as he have met his match. He'll do everything within his power to get rid of her but instead, it'll only bring her closer to him cause she's more than just his guardian. Lucas discovered of his undeclared magic and with Danila by his side, they ventured to find out about this rare magical power and declare it to the vampire society. However, learning more about this magic wasn't as easy as it seemed, as secrets from the past would be unfolded and they would be breaking rules that hadn't been broken for centuries in the vampire race.
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