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Mated to the Alpha of the North
Phoenix Storm

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Book One of the Luminary Quartet Join Willow as she trades in one terrifying situation for another. Bear shifters are invading the wolves’ territories in droves, and no place is safe, save the South. Willow is forced to flee her home alone unexpectedly, but she tirelessly makes her way to the South and the promise of sanctuary while the war rages on. Unfortunately, Willow quickly realizes that the South is no safer than her home, but she is forced to stay against her will. Has she made a terrible mistake or is Willow right where she is meant to be? Jax became Alpha of the Northern Province shortly after the beginning of the war, just after his parents were murdered, in fact. Though he has not been alpha long, he has already made a name for himself as a fearsome ruler throughout the territories. With the war ending, Jax and his warriors only have one thought on their minds: finding their fated mates.
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Cheryl Smith-Wilkins
What are the names of book 2. and 3 ? Loved the 1st book
2022-07-20 13:32:50 4
Author Phoenix
Book two and three are complete, but exclusive to the site with the lowercase pink g. Book four has already begun as well!
2022-03-01 17:37:49 3