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A Night With A Billionaire

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Heralia's only sister dies. She hates and avoids everyone especially men. She found out why her beloved sister died until she read her sister's diary. Now she knows who the man is! His name is Dimitri Callahan Ferrera, the son of a billionaire at Ferreras International Company. She has long planned a way to take revenge on the man. She tried multiple times to get closer to him for revenge but failed. Then one day, the opportunity knocks in front of her. When Mrs. Ferrera first met her. The woman soon asked her for help. Without hesitation, she accepted her offer to become the new secretary for her son, Dimitri. Several of her long-standing dreams come true, but fate seems to play tricks on her. Because her hatred is gradually turning into love for the man. Love that she never thought she could find in multiple moments she couldn't remember. What will she choose? Her love for the man who will break her heart a second time? Or do justice for her sister's death?
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Jmaina Jam
Hi author, is there any option to unlock the chapters aside from buying coins? Like vouchers maybe? I wanna read your story until the end😑
2021-10-08 14:10:59 1
Jmaina Jam
I think your sister has a crush on her boss😍 but too bad she's dead😔
2021-10-08 14:08:41 1
Jezza Noya
Nice. I hope she can have her revenge on Brianna haha
2021-09-12 15:26:17 1
Eden Miranda
You are lucky Hera to have friends like them. How I wish to have some too.
2021-09-12 15:19:05 1