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The Alpha's Daughter

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Princess Serena falls in love with his dear savior at seven, the time that she tried to run away from the woods, crimson blood pack one of the groups of wolves living underneath the earth. The creature here never experienced to take a glimpse of the whole form of the sun, moon and even the whole world. Why? because they were millions of feet far from above. Killian Zapanta the Zeta of their pack. A cold-hearted man that she ever met in her entire life yet the most gorgeous man who has lovely golden eyes, underneath the surface where they live. The one who saves her from the rogue wolf who attacks her.  However, the thing she hadn't known is, Killian was not his true knight in shining armor, instead it was Kyzer the twin brother of Killian that had been separated when they were young for the reason that she hadn't known that her father had hidden from her and to all of the entire pack except to his queen. That was the alpha king who slaughtered the whole family of Zapanta.
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