Alpha king's mysterious human
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A human had to take refuge with her pack from the alpha king. Being hated by her pack and people and fighting with the illness and the sorrow of losing her husband what will she do when she find out that the alpha king was her mate too. A world of secrets and danger, how will she survive and find her true love. The alpha king let her go once but after years of searching her everywhere he wasn't ready to let her go again. ........... Sylvester leaned towards her and whispered in her ear. "I have another deal for you then." "What's that?" Gia tried to push him away but he was more stubborn than a child. "Give me a pup and you can leave." Gia knitted her brows trying to understand what he was saying. "Give you a what??" The next second her face became red. She lifted her hand and it left a mark on Sylvester's right cheek. She slapped him. "You are a shameless person." ..............
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Abeer Fatmi
waiting for next story...hope you will come back on kb
2022-04-28 13:26:05 0
Abeer Fatmi
nice journey...all the ups and downs are a part of life & with our loved ones we confront it
2022-04-28 12:39:21 0
Thank you so much author for this lovely story. Let Sylvester take care of Gia and make Gia more Sassy like your other female leads. It's better to be a novel instead of short story. Best of luck and stay safe.
2021-12-19 10:15:19 0