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La Monte Series 1 It's been five years since Lauran left their place, to make her broken heart feel better she always moves houses. Because that’s the only way she can’t remember the past. She was running away from everything, that hurting her or things she can't control for she was afraid of being hurt again and being disappointed. For five years, she didn’t expect to see the man, Zaiden La Monte, the son of a billionaire and the CEO of one of the companies that own the man’s family. The past came back to him and the pain it caused. Until now, she was stuck in the past she couldn’t let go. And his proposal to her in exchange for her friend’s father’s company and the publishing house where she works as a writer. One-year marriage contract between her and the man who broke her heart. Will she accept the man's offer? If in return she goes back to the past that she tries to stay away from? and she didn't want to remember any more between the two of them and the pain it caused? Is she still going to play hide and seek for her heart to heal? Or, is she going to accept the past and keep on moving forward? But what if between the lines is the reason for life, acceptance and forgiveness.
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Joy Montes
I'm so hook with this book! well who wouldn't? I love the plot and the characters! looking forward for the next update
2021-11-11 16:15:01 1