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Angel of the Valley
Keefe R.D

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Jennifer Rosario used to be a loving happy girl. But after the terrible incident happened, she is no longer the same Jennifer. She believes her parents were murdered by the people of the valley. The young Jane was thrown on the road, half naked, and got lost. Ten years later, she returns to Ontario Valley for her deep desire of revenge. Nobody knows she is the daughter of the Rosario family. She becomes Lady Jane who bewitches everyone. Even after one of the men who fall for her charm found out about her wicked secret, she will not stop until those who responsible for the death of her parents get completely destroyed. But the story about her family is not what it seems to be, the truth is far scarier than her reality. The dark world of monsters and nightmares is waiting for her on the other side. Because she is the descendant of the cursed gypsy.
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strong female lead
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