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The Devil's Forbidden Angel
Tatum Whispers

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Damien, last name unknown, better known as the Devil’s son. The heir to the Kingdom of hell, well, that is until some brave soul drives a silver blade through his dear father’s heart. A heart whose affection he has never known. He is powerful and elegant. He is drawn to danger and a determination to conquer. Yet, there is one that he has not conquered yet. The things that humans crave…love. As he does on so many nights, he defies his father's rules and returns to the surface in search of what this monster cannot have. Mirabelle Rose, an exquisite beauty; she is mysterious and the girl that every man desires. She presents all the things that Damien cannot have, and this is the very thing that draws him to her. They spent several glorious nights of bliss together until the Devil learns what his son has been keeping his time with. Both Damien and Annabelle are punished for their deception. The only thing that keeps them hoping is their letters.
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