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Back In Your Arms Again
April Inks

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In order for her to finally get promoted on her dream job, Reigndelle is forced to go to New York and interview the most sought-after eligible bachelor, a multi-billionaire youngest business man in history and her ex-boyfriend, Grey Christopher Al Gala. When she finally saw him again, Reigndelle told Grey her agenda. At first, because of hatred, Grey dumped her plea. But eventually agreed when Green Jacksville showed up in the picture after he rejected her.One agreement drove Reigndelle to live in Grey's mansion with him. And that is to become his own personal slave. A lot of things happened between them as they live together for thirty days that made the two broken hearts realize that they still love each other. But when everything seem went well between the two of them, things went chaos when Green and Sofiya slowly showed up in the picture. What will happen next in their romantic yet complicated love story? Will Grey still do his evil plan despite that familiar feeling slowly engulfing him towards Reigndelle? Will they have a second chance? Or will they let the chance..Slip away from their hands?
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love story
true love
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Freshy Gore
I've added it to my library, can't wait to read it❤️
2021-10-11 12:20:38 1
Joan Grace Pacatang Naguita
Thank you Gie and V for reading po and for supporting me. 😊
2021-10-10 09:15:09 2
Ivyyy - byyy
anniee ! I love your story . 🤗 pero please wag mambitin Hahahaha Can't wait for more chapters 😍 .. godbless ❤️
2021-10-10 09:02:01 2
Angie D Rafinian
I love reading it but you left us hanging Miss.Author 😁😍 hahaha
2021-10-10 07:11:21 4