Enchanted Twilight
Zhen Xin Xin

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As far as now, Raphael Lockwood, a mixed-blood witch—a human and a witch—has relied on the potions created by his father to live, which unfortunately began to lose their effectiveness. While he is worried about the state of his body, Isaac Kanon, his childhood friend and ruler of the kingdom he lives in, confesses his love to him, which he has to reject due to his condition. Isaac is a human, and he is not willing to give up his feelings to Raphael, even when Raphael rejected his feeling. But Raphael's condition begins to worsen, he is forced to agree with the terms that a dragon—Daniel Krauss—offered to him to help cure Raphael's curse. The payment for his request is that he has to give up Raphael to be Daniel's fiance for a month. Will Isaac be able to get Raphael back to his side?
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Jolan Hildebrandt
your first and second paragraph are weak. tendrils of steam carried the distinct aroma of he vile brew to my nose. sounds better and carries the plot better
2021-08-30 03:16:39 1