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Love Beyond Death
Annabel Raven

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"I will always find you no matter where you are! There's no escape, Alizandra.” I turned her to face me and the terror stamped on her beautiful face made me weep inside. She looked at me just like the devil I was. Anger, pain, grief, and fear assaulted me at that moment. I didn't think of anything else, but to teach her a lesson for being disobedient, for abandoning me. So I showed her the monster I was. I knew my eyes were glowing, and I exposed my fangs. "What are you?” she said in a whisper, but what I saw in those lavenders took me by surprise. There was compassion for a troubled soul like mine. Those lavenders didn't lie. She always had the power to see my darkened soul. Her fingertips roamed over my face like she was seeing the real me, as if a veil had lifted from her eyes after all those endless years. I leaned on her hand, feeling the warmth of her palm. "Why so lonely and tormented eyes? Who are you?” "I'm the devil who loved you for centuries.”
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