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My Complicated Love
Dina Fabulosa

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Jess Flores was an ordinary teenager, who was studying as a Senior High student, but in an instant, her life changes when her sister run away the money that left by his parents intended for her study and not all that, his first love broke up with her on that day and even kicks out by her apartment. Luckily, she was hired as a maid by the two handsome brothers Jun-seo Park the CEO, and Joon-woo Park, the playboy. Then their love story begins. Who do you think the man she falls with, was it the CEO or the playboy?
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Love the story! Many unexpected twist. A must read. two thumps up.
2021-08-07 04:52:57 0
Cvsmix Clvudii
nice work! keep writing! can you check out the book celebrity love and trust me it is worthy to read
2021-08-06 14:59:02 1