$100 Signing Bonus+

    $150 Daily Update Bonus+

    $5?? Completion Bonus+

    Support for your creativity!


    Real-time data tracking, audience matching and push notification for recommendations ensure the exposure of your stories.


    Personal editors are here to answer your questions and overcome the challenges of writer's block


Signing Bonus

An eclectic taste is what we have and all genres of stories are what we want. Whether you are a beginner in writing or a professional, we love to hear you out!

Writers will be rewarded $100 for each signed-on story if 30,000 or more words are published.

Daily Update Bonus

A non-writing writer is a monster courting insanity. - Franz Kafka

To get the $150 Daily Update Bonus, you will be requested to:

  • Publish at least one new chapter to one book title daily in a month (can be off for up to 5 days), and,
  • Publish 50,000 or more words to one book title in a month.

Completion Bonus

Every time I hear about an author finishing a book, I want to jump up and down and go into a gospel choir of Hallelujahs! - K.M. WEILAND

Upon completion of your story, we offer you:

Still not sure about how much you can earn in a month? Well, let's make some calculations!.


For FAQs and any other questions, please refer to our Book of Author's, or contact your editor.

Never be afraid of asking too many questions. PopInk editor team have no problem fielding all of your questions!

Requirements for publishing

1. Writers are required to maintain the originality of their stories. Plagiarism, infringements on the intellectual property rights of others or on the legal rights of any third parties are not acceptable.

2. Although the subjects of the works have no limitations, any lawbreaking content is not allowed, including violence, pornography and discrimination.

3. Google Play and App Store policies also apply.

Duration: April 1st, 2021 to December 31th, 2021