Her Never Ending Crush Affair
Her Never Ending Crush Affair

Author: SaerriiChan


What Anna Belle Vasquez wants, she gets. That’s why when she meets the cold, vicious and heartless varsity swimmer of UC, Kristoff Liam Mendez, she already marked him as her target. Hell or High Water, he will be hers. The problem is, Kristoff doesn't want Anna Belle to dominate him, won't look her way and he hates her to death. In the end, she gets rejected. Five years have passed, and they meet again. The worst, Belle becomes his secretary. Can she still get him and own him? Or will he be her sweetest karma? *** Excerpt: “I… I thought you like me too,” It came out as a whisper. I didn’t know why I felt like crying. I heard him let out a sarcastic laugh. “Like? You? I told you many times that I hate you. It doesn’t mean that I fuck you; I already like you, Belle. I admit it was good. But that’s just it. It’s just sex. No feelings at all.”


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