The Villainess Justice System
The Villainess Justice System

Author: TheAlphaWriter


Don't you get a bit annoyed some times when cliched novels, seemingly create characters just to misuse and dump them in the middle of a story? They say novels are an inaccurate of past pieces of history from different alternate universes, well this agent is here to make things right. {Esteemed host the female leads loathing is at maximum. Tread with caution, this eternal being wants those points} 'She really took her damm time~he he just what I've been waiting for, let me give the male lead a peck first" She snickered with a making a joke of her counterparts concerns. {Host!!!} 'Mmmwah' Thud! {She fainted} "En. Such fragile heart." *Shivers {Host is so cruel} 'Now it's his turn~honey' Follow, our goddess, Zhi Ruo through worlds with her trusty,crafty system, Timon, to give cheating bastards and white lotuses, and general assholes a taste of their own medicine, only a thousand times more bitter.


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