Taming His Beast
Taming His Beast

Author: Sapling


In the middle of a hall, a dangerous looking giant beast was chained. He was groaning in pain, agony. He was missing another part of him. Suddenly he let out a strong, earth wreaking growl. After the growl everything around him calmed down. The beast started shifting and soon there was a man in his late night 20s wearing his sweatpants only. He was taking long breathes. He was losing his conscious. Before he could faint, a blurry image came in front of him, "I NEED YOU "Mother, help elder brother. Look he is dying." Philip said to his mother, Queen Zenobia. "I can't. Only SHE can tame HIS BEAST. He needs HER not anyone else." Queen Zenobia said to her younger son. She was showing that she is strong but she was shattered from inside seeing her elder son in such a state.


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